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Offices and laboratories:
Via Luca Ghini, 13 Pisa I-56126
Via Derna, 1 Pisa I-56126 (Systematic Botany group)
Tel. 050-2211310
Fax 050-2211309
The unit of Botany is studying the distribution, adaptative strategies, environmental relationships of prokaryotic and eukaryotic photosynthetic organisms. To this aim, a wide array of approaches from basic to applied, are used: landscape ecology, plant ecology, geobotany, taxonomy and systematic botany, plant cellular and molecular biology. In particular, the staff researches are devoted to the study of morpho-functional adaptations and phylogeny of native and cultivated plants, to the study of developmental and reproductive strategies. Moreover, also the floristic and vegetational diversity in different geographical and environmental contexts is studied, together with plant conservation and environmental impact issues, also in relation with climate change. Finally, the unit research is also devoted to clarify the phytoremediation molecular mechanisms and to verify its effectiveness.
The staff of the Unit of Botany is engaged in the didactic activities of the Biology Department and the Veterinary Sciences Department for the following disciplines:

  • Trees and shrubs of the Italian flora
  • Plant molecular and cellular biology
  • Botany
  • General and systematic botany
  • Plant conservation
  • Plant evolution and diversity
  • Popular science in Botanic Gardens
  • Coastal flora and vegetation

The research staff of Botany unit

Associate professors

Prof. Lorenzo Peruzzi - profile on ResearchGate

Assistant professors

Dr. Andrea Andreucci
Dr. Daniela Ciccarelli - profile on ResearchGate
Dr. Gianni Bedini - profile on ResearchGate
Dr. Monica Ruffini Castiglione - profile on ResearchGate


Dott. Giovanni Astuti - profilo su su ResearchGate
Dr. Angelino Carta - profile on ResearchGate

Ph.D. students

Dr. Giovanni Astuti - profile on ResearchGate
Dr. Francesco Roma-Marzio - profile on ResearchGate
Dr. Franco Ruggiero

Recipients of scholarship

Dott. Marco D'Antraccoli - profilo su ResearchGate


Mr. Antonio Masini