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The Ethology unit works on various aspects of animal behaviour and ecology, continuing a long-standing the tradition of ethological studies at the University of Pisa began over 50 years ago with the research of Floriano Papi, one of the founders of Ethology in Italy.

The researchers of the unit are primarily concerned with orientation and navigation phenomena in birds and sea turtles.

Other active lines of research deal with the biology and management of species of conservation interest and of synanthropic populations of birds.

Detailed information on the research carried out by the staff of the unit can be found in the personal sites of individual researchers, by following the links below.

The unit of Ethology staff is composed by:

Prof. Natale Emilio Baldaccini - full professor
Dr. Anna Gagliardo - lecturer
Dr. Dimitri Giunchi - lecturer
Dr. Paolo Luschi - lecturer
Dr. Mario Pirchio - lecturer at the Scuola Normale Superiore

Mr. Fabio Chini - Technician
Mr. Andrea Guidi - Technician
Dr. Michele Melai - Reserach assistant
Dr. Resi Mencacci - Research assistant
Mr. Daniele Santerini - Technician

The staff of the Research Unit is engaged in teaching the following disciplines:

• Ethology
• Advanced Ethology
• Neuroethology
• Animal Orientation and Migration
• Applied Zoology