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Zoology and Anthropology

New Zool-Antro foto unita

Via Volta, 4 - 1st & 2nd floor
I-56126 Pisa
Tel. + 39 050 2211381
Fax + 39 050 2211393

Via Derna, 1 - 5th floor
I-56126 Pisa
Tel. + 39 050 2211351
Fax + 39 050 2211475

Staff is engaged in the teaching activity for the disciplines listed here below:

• Adaptations and Evolution of Primates
• Animal Biology
• Animal Conservation Biology
• Biodiversity of Marine Organisms
• Biological Anthropology
• Biotechnologies of Protists
• Cultures and Environments of the Past
• Evolutionary Biology and Symbiosis
• Human Molecular Evolution
• Marine Zoology
• Methods and Techniques in Prehistory
• Microbial Ecology
• Parasitology, Protistology and Molecular Techniques
• Protists in Industrial Processes
• Seminars in Conservation and Evolution
• Systematics and Molecular Phylogeny
• Zoology

Issues addressed in the research by the members of the Unit are very heterogeneous. In general, research activity deals with:

(i) biodiversity and phylogeny of ciliated protists;
(ii) characterization, genomics and ecology of symbiosis between bacteria and protists;
(iii) applied environmental microbiology;
(iv) demography and conservation of long-lived species at risk of extinction (corals and whales);
(v) molecular evolution, conservation genetics and forensic DNA of terrestrial vertebrates;
(vi) ecology and cultural adaptations of prehistoric human populations;
(vii) human evolutionary genomics;
(viii) morphological and functional evolution of human and non-human primates;
(ix) development of genetic markers in support to eco-ethological studies.

Members of the Zoology and Anthropology Unit

Full Professors

Prof. Franco Verni

Associated Professors

Prof. Giovanni Boschian
Prof. Sergey Fokin
Prof. Giovanni Santangelo


Dott. Filippo Barbanera
Dott. Graziano Di Giuseppe
Dott. Damiano Marchi
Dott. Giulio Petroni
Dott. Sergio Tofanelli
Dott.ssa Claudia Vannini

Administrative and Laboratory technicians

Dott. Fulvio Bartoli
Dott.ssa Sonia Cammellini
Dott. Fabrizio Erra
Sig. Francesco Frontini
Dott.ssa Monica Guerrini
Sig. Simone Gabrielli
Sig.ra Cristina Mela
Dott. Michele Melai
Sig. Luca Taglioli